Wednesday July 16, 2008

Rock hopping

Rock hopping in El Yunque rainforest in Puerto Rico.

Tuesday July 15, 2008


A brief fireworks display after the NY Philharmonic set.


Oh, Brooklyn.


View of San Juan (specifically, the "dangerous" hood known as La Perla) from El Morro.

Monday July 14, 2008

prospect park at dawn

went for a ride and was pleasantly surprised to find the ny philharmonic performing prospect park.

Friday July 11, 2008

find the iguana

find the iguana. this particular one was already about 3 feet long.

Thursday July 10, 2008

the view from the room

A sunny Thursday in Puerto Rico to start off the weekend right.

Monday July 7, 2008

LINK Take Out (the movie)
An illegal Chinese immigrant works as a deliveryman for a Chinese take-out restaurant in NYC to pay off his smugglers. Not a documentary, but you will come out with renewed perspective on delivery workers.

Sunday July 6, 2008

bike gang

Our bike gang take a quick lunch break at a cafe before the hilly ride into Montauk proper. By this time we've been on the road for about 5 hours.

Saturday July 5, 2008

montauk ride, take 3

departed patchoge at 10:30am, arrived at montauk at 7:17pm.

Wednesday July 2, 2008

LINK I've Lived: Post-it Note Results
A public installation which asks passer-bys to participate in revealing information about where they live.

Tuesday July 1, 2008



For Tim's 30th birthday, we decided to get the band back together for one night only and rock out like it was 2002.

Sunday June 29, 2008


The guys printed a bunch of t-shirts with one of Tim's many band illustrations for the reunion show. Shirts produced by Dedtees, headed up by our friend Eric.

Note: Fancy retro hand-screened WEN tees were also in the house. Made by the best groupies an unknown band could ask for.

Saturday June 28, 2008

one happy 30 yr old

Reunion night was a success. More photos to follow...

Friday June 27, 2008

LINK Tuneage
"Tuneage aims to bring you music you haven’t heard before, be it brand new or forty years old." Excellent selections.

Tuesday June 24, 2008
WATERCOOLER Where the Hell is Matt?

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

Feel good video of the day.

rehearsal receipt

project wen. $46/hr.

rondo music studio

the band rehearsed for the first time in about 5 years in this non-descript building tonight.

john the bassman

john (plays the bass), happy in the twilight after rehearsal.

Sunday June 22, 2008

nyc to montauk

145 miles from nyc (Penn station) to Montauk on fixies. We left at 5am and arrived in Montauk around 6pm.

a late night with modest mouse

MM didn't start playing till about 2:10am.

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