Thursday December 3, 2009
WATERCOOLER Friday Night Traffic

Friday Night Traffic

The long approach to the Holland Tunnel from outside our office on a rainy Friday evening.

Saturday November 21, 2009
WATERCOOLER Central Europe Bicycle Light Tour

Eat. Ride. Sleep. That’s all there is to a light tour.

In August 2009, three friends and I did a self-guided bicycle tour across four countries in Central Europe. We had our bikes, what we wore, and whatever we managed to stuff into the small bags on our (mostly) fixed-gear bikes. It’s the simple life, save for the overly handy iPhone and GPS usage along the way.

Monday August 3, 2009

LINK Can Do - And the Pursuit of Happiness Blog
"Everything is invented. Language. Childhood. Careers. Relationships. Religion. Philosophy. The Future."

Thursday June 25, 2009

LINK Card Observer
Fancy business card designs.

Friday June 12, 2009

A storytelling project by David Lynch. New episodes every 3 days.

Sunday May 10, 2009

LINK Office Snapshots
Loads of office space interior visual goodness.

Monday May 4, 2009

LINK Prezi - The zooming presentation editor
Create presentations with a zooming twist. Novel approach to an old business tool.

Sunday April 19, 2009
WATERCOOLER Inspired Bicycles

Some of the sickest riding I’ve ever seen.

Friday April 10, 2009

LINK The Crisis of Credit Visualized
Enjoy infographics and storytelling? This is a good one.

Monday April 6, 2009
WATERCOOLER It’s trying times for newspapers in today’s evolving...

It’s trying times for newspapers in today’s evolving media landscape.  Just Friday, The Boston Globe was threatened to be shut down by its parent company, The New York Times Co, which makes this TED video so timely.  Polish designer, Jacek Utko, asks “Can design save the newspaper?”  See what he has learned through his design efforts for major Eastern European publications and enjoy some beautiful print and information design in the process.

This post was originally published in the Iridesco Watercooler.

Tuesday March 31, 2009

LINK How Michael Osinski Helped Build the Bomb That Blew Up Wall Street
A smooth read in which the author described his role in creating the software that enabled the securitization of mortgages. If you've been reading about the financial crisis, add this to the list of entertaining, educational, and wtf articles.

Monday March 30, 2009

LINK In Red Hook, Brooklyn, a Nighttime Bike Race With No Brakes
A Brooklyn Bike Race Worthy of James Dean

Saturday March 21, 2009
WATERCOOLER SuperNews! Twouble with Twitters // Current

SuperNews! Twouble with Twitters // Current

This post was originally published in the Iridesco Watercooler.

red 4 wheeler

If I lived in the mountains, this would be the kind of 4 wheel drive vehicle I'd have. (as spotted at a farmer's market in Houston, TX)

Thursday March 19, 2009
WATERCOOLER Extreme Sheep Herding LED Art

Is this for real?!

LINK Snacks and Shit
"No room service just snacks and shit. This is the line that started our whole obsession with rap and hip-hop lyrics."

Tuesday March 17, 2009
WATERCOOLER A couple years ago, we launched a side project called the World...

A couple years ago, we launched a side project called the World Clock Project.  The idea was to create a gallery of public clocks from around the world, and use the photos from the gallery to power a timepiece where each minute is represented by a different photo (showing, of course, the correct time).  Since our flagship product is all about time tracking, we saw the project as a perfect mix of art, community involvement, and relatedness to our business.

Recently, New York Times writer Zahra Sethna came across our project and reached out to us to do a shopping column for wall clocks.  Here’s that resulting story:

Shopping With Shawn Liu and Danny Wen – Springing Forward With a Fresh Batch of Clocks –

This post was originally published in the Iridesco Watercooler.

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